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Here is a summary, until our next English site version, so you can find some information about our patented products.

"MIROIR 360" means 360 degree mirror, and is a complete set of mirrors, the ONLY SYSTEM to SEE ONE'S ENTIRE HEAD and HAIR.

Only by looking in front of you, you see both sides, top and the back of your head, which is a real innovation. 

Our total mirror provides great facilities for both types of care:  
- Hair style, beauty, aesthetic, makeup 
- Health, hygiene, welfare
with ease, comfort and safety

360 degree Mirror allows actually many interesting advantages that you can read is this chapter. 

USE. Our global mirror is easy to use: just look at the mirrors aligned in front of you, and you see auto-
matically the sides, top and back of your head and hair, because all mirrors return to the front

Three main versions are available:

-On vertical support (that you can easily move)
-At the ceiling (like a chandelier)
-Or fixed against a wall.


360 Degree MIRROR uses are mainly felt at home,
in the
bathroom, bedroom, the living room, or entry, then also for professionnals (below).

Specifically, our ENTIRE MIRROR allows you to: mainly for women:
-Control and improve your hair (and you know more precisely when you need to go to your
hairdresser's or doctor's)
-Do many things: your brushings, hairstyle changes (chignon, braids ...), straightening,
smoothing, coloring (highlights, roots, scanning ...), makeup, extensions,
accessories (headband, clip), jewels (necklaces, earrings) or hat settings...

For men:
-Shave your skull, remove your hair, have a clean hairstyle (neck, around ears ...)
-Precise application of hair gel, or of a wig
-Following your hair loss (tonsure, alopecia) and regrowth (treatments, implants...)
-Implement ears care, treatments, dressings over your head ...

For seniors, injured or disabled people who can not hold a mirror behind them, 360
degree Mirror is even more useful, allowing you to implement daily health care (sometimes

still with both free hands: as easily as possible, so you really do what you want by

without moving at all

without any risk of injury ... (spaces, round mirrors, no sharp edges ...).

For professionals, your customers and patients obviously still leave your shop,

sale service or advice place, wondering about their hair, and try to improve it, with unless one hand, before crossing others, because that is only natural.

At those same times,
customers think (and internally thank) of the professional who left a 360 mirror at their disposal ...

Our network is being formed by looking for new distributors and prescribers
, as
some already rely on us to market our first products

360 degree mirrors "made in France" are now available with our industrial partner

We are in the important stage for any new product, for you distributors and us:
the commercial launch.

We therefore invite prescribers and distributors interested in our exclusive 
products to declare themselves: be the first on the market
by contacting us as soon as possible

Because you can now provide more comprehensive services to your patients or customers,

and you can mind or ask to your business partners:

Do you want to increase your turnover and your margins?

and your service quality? Your reputation?

attract new customers? and
improve your customers' loyalty
(also looking ror novelties...)?

One of your novelties
Do it with 360° MIRROR ... a range of exclusive 
products !

and keep these three steps ahead: turnover, services,

We got great media results, because our novelty 360 degree Mirror is the subject of numerous publications, "around the World" in press, as shown in this short extract : 

U.S.A : "Face of the day" on "The Atlantic", Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, AM New York... 
Brazil, Canada, Japan, Australia, India, China, Malaysia, Turkey, Europe (Germany, Great-Britain, Poland, Italy, Spain, France...)

and in that newspaper "20 minutes" ...

Seen on french television: interview with France 2 (first public channel) during 
the MCB Show (Mondial Coiffure Beauté, Hair Stylism Exhibition) in Paris. See "Nos Produits / Videos"

Interviewed at the "Salon des Entrepreneurs 2011" (see "Nos Produits / Videos")

On radio: Laurent Ruquier interviewed us on Europe 1 (French Radio N°3), and
France Bleu (N°4) several times

with many compliments, "the face of the day", "Denis Thevenin achieved the
unthinkable", "best inventions", "an expert of coquetry and beauty", "every
woman's dream" ...
and still counting ... (Click on "On en parle" dans la presse, meaning "talked
about" in press).
On the Web

Lots of publications about our novelties have been relayed on websites. 




Please contact us if your want to 
-Request documentation
-Order our products
-Distribute our products in your area

by clicking on


We can also customize our products for your brand, network...

Free documentation sent on request (by e-mail). 

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